Trip to Oswestry & Welshpool – What a great trip!

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We will be running trips to Oswestry this spring. It begins with the morning at a fascinating place called the British Iron Works which is located in Oswestry near Shropshire. Once we arrive we are greeted by their sweeping long driveway. As we drive along it we see what this place is famous for with the most amazing animal iron creations such as baboons and jumping antelopes.

The Iron Works is adorned with all things Iron. You will see a huge selection of their incredible work which features the largest Metal Safari Park and as you travel the grounds you will see over 100 varieties of animals. There are suits of armour on display, there is a live Blacksmith demonstration and if you fancy a coffee they have a onsite cafe which serves the most beautiful cakes.

When we arrive they send one of their representatives onto the coach who gives a quick talk about what to expect at this great place.


Once we have finished at the Ironworks we will board the coach and make our way to the train station for our steam train ride. The Steam train dates back to the 1950s and has all original carriages. The station itself is very quaint sitting in the Welsh countryside. You should have time to have a refreshment, if desired, at their cafe before boarding the train.

The train journey is absolutely superb and I can say that out of all the steam trains we have done across the UK this is our favourite. The countryside is just stunning, it is so quiet and tranquil. As we ride along you will hear the chug of the train with the horn blowing as we steam along. Just magical!

If you have any questions regarding this trip please just give us a call on 0161 327 2495 or email and we will be happy to help!


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