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So we have just launched a new range of trip that is aimed at the solo traveller. Why have we done this? We have been running day trips for many years now and while we see many groups of friends, groups of two and married couples come on our trips we feel that there is a need for solo travellers to come on exclusive trips just for solo’s.

Not everyone has a partner or a friend that is available to come on trips with them that they would like to go on and we don’t want solo travellers to feel unhappy with this, thinking they are missing out. By creating trips exclusively for solo’s will encourage more of this traveller to come on trips and mix with other purely solo travellers.

So what have we lined up for this. Firstly we are looking at starting from January 2019 of introducing evening’s out for just solo travellers. The first one will take place on Saturday 19th January. Our aim is create a safe fun environment where other solo’s can meet and have a great night. It will involve firstly getting picked up by coach and then travelling to a lovely pub where they can have a drink and get to know one another. We will then drive to our dinner venue which is a superb country Inn in Derbyshire. It is run by Mum and Son duo Marilyn & Johnny and they certainly will attend to their every need. Here they will be able to have a delicious 2 Course Dinner in beautiful surroundings.

Dinner venue

The evening will be for both females & males that are aged between 50 – 65 years old. We feel it is important to offer age bands as a solo traveller will most probably relate better to their own age band that say mix with young twenty somethings. There may be a good mix of females & males, more females than males or vice versa. Our aim is to let solo travellers have a great evening and strike up friendships with others.

Many of our day trips that we offer to everyone will also be offered to solo travellers. If you have any questions regarding a solo traveller trip or evening then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0161 327 2495 or email

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