What is our favourite trip?

We are often asked what our favourite trip is. This a tough one as we have done so many trips over the last 4 years. We test drive every trip before we advertise so we know whether it is a trip we believe our customers would like at National Day Trips.

To answer this question it always comes down to one of our most favourite places in the UK which is Holmfirth ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ country. When we first began back in 2014 we hadn’t really heard of Holmfirth, sure we had watched the ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ shows but was a place we had never visited or new little about.


As with many of our trips it starts with a suggestion. A very nice lady who was somewhat of a regular on our trips back in 2014 said had we ever thought about going to Holmfirth as she mentioned how lovely it was. It got us thinking and later on that month we set a trip up where we took customers to this delightful town which included some free time the town itself seeing the sights such as Sid’s Cafe, the famous Ironmongery and many more. On the way back we had lunch also at a lovely country Inn.

Sid’s Cafe

On this first occasion as we were dropping the customers off at the coach drop off point in the centre we were greeted by this man who was wearing a flat cap and pointing us in the direction of where to go. We presumed this was a parking attendant and thought what a well structured affair this was in Holmfirth. What we were about to discover was this was in fact Gary. Gary is, how should we put it, Mr Holmfirth, is known to the locals and many that he graces his presence on the coaches as the local tour guide. What this man doesn’t know about Holmfirth and ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ is not worth knowing! He greeted us with his comical presence and stated how he does many tours of Holmfirth. We then arranged to use his services on the next tour.

Gary – Holmfirth Tour Guide

Gary takes us on a fantastic coach tour throughout Holmfirth and the surrounding countryside explaining where the filming took place for ‘Last of the Summer Wine’. He recalls stories of when the cast were filming and does some great impressions of the characters. One of his favourites and funniest is Marina (as seen with his wig he is wearing).

Holmfirth is such a magical and wonderful place, you just can’t help feel the ora and see glimpses of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ as you walk through. It just just exudes charm with the stone buildings and is set in the magical countryside.

We will be starting this trip again in early 2019 so please enquire at National Day Trips as this is a great trip to come on that will have you laughing!!

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